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disney world meme

1: Favorite Park
This is actually a sort of surprisingly difficult question for me, because to be honest, I love all of them for different reasons, and I can't say I really have a favorite? I might just have to say Magic Kingdom by default, but we usually pretty well balance our trips to make sure we go to all four somewhat equally (less so Animal Kingdom because it has weird hours/less things to do, but we still go at least twice while we're there for a week) and I really just like all of them. :c

2: Favorite Water Park
Typhoon Lagoon hands down. As I was explaining to Ari, as much as I think Blizzard Beach is cute and there's some fun stuff to do there, the white concrete fake snow is 1. extremely reflective of the hot Florida sun and 2. really easy to scrape your knees on, so by default Typhoon Lagoon wins. But more seriously, I like the theme a lot more, the lazy river and the wave pool are awesome, and just in general I prefer it.

3: Favorite Hotel/Resort
We stay at the Polynesian most often, and it's definitely a favorite. I like the main building and the grounds are beautiful, and the pool is just awesome ever since they did the renovation. It's also definitely the best hotel to stay at location-wise, since you're on the monorail line to the Magic Kingdom and it's a short walk to the Ticket and Transportation Center for the EPCOT monorail, so you don't need to rely on ferries or buses to get there. I do also love the Wilderness Lodge for basically the same reasons, but it's just much less conveniently located.

4: Favorite Ride (ever!) at Magic Kingdom
My top three have traditionally been Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Peter Pan's Flight, and my favorite attraction is hands down Mickey's Phillharmagic. My favorite overall ride in Magic Kingdom varies depending on what sort of mood I'm in.

5: Favorite Ride at Hollywood Studios
Well it USED TO BE STAR TOURS but then George Lucas proved again that he hates happiness and now I hate it, so I guess now it's Rock n' Roller Coaster.

6: Favorite Ride at EPCOT
Probably Test Track, although I am stupidly fond of Mission: Space and Ellen's Universe of Energy.

7: Favorite Ride at Animal Kingdom
EXPEDITION: EVEREST THERE IS NO CONTEST. Well, actually, that's not really true in that I also like Dinosaur a lot but.

8: Favorite Show at Hollywood Studios
The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, 'nuff said.

9: Favorite Show at Animal Kingdom
Uh, probably Festival of the Lion King? Finding Nemo: The Musical is probably a more honest answer considering I haven't seen Festival in forever and have no real desire to see it again except SIMBA.

10: Favorite Restauant at Magic Kingdom
Casey's. I don't care if it's technically a counter service thing, it is my favorite. And tbh we don't actually eat in sit down MK restaurants often anymore? My brother made a comment about how the Crystal Palace should be renamed Winnie the Pooh's Highway Robbery because the food isn't great but it's super expensive, and I don't think we've ever eaten at Tony's. I have vague memories of eating at the Liberty Tree Tavern years ago (my sister punched Dale in the nose), but otherwise we just don't usually do sit down restaurants there.

11: Favorite Restaurant at Hollywood Studios
50's Prime Time hands down. The atmosphere is cute, the food is delicious and uncomplicated, and most of the waiters we've had have been hilarious. I also love their s'mores dessert. When I was there with my brother, he got up to use the bathroom right before my dessert had been brought to me, and by the time he came back, I had devoured it and he wanted to know if we were still waiting for it to show up.

12: Favorite Restaurant at EPCOT
Teppan Edo. I really like hibachi style food and this is not a disappointment at all.

13: Favorite Restaurant at Animal Kingdom
I can honestly say I don't think I've ever eaten at a legit sit down restaurant in Animal Kingdom. We usually go early in the morning and flee the park for lunch, or in desperation get something at a quick serve place. I think we might have done a character breakfast at Restaurantosaurus? But I honestly can't remember it that well.

14: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Magic Kingdom
Since I already did Casey's, second place would probably have to be Sleepy Hollow or Pecos Bill's, the former because 24 waffles and the latter because we seem to end up eating their on our first day a lot? I also like Friar Tuck's because they do good chicken fingers.

15: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Hollywood Studios
I guess Pizza Planet? Although the soundtrack confuses the hell out of me, Jessie's horribly depressing song does not belong in a place with an arcade. :|

16: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at EPCOT
Katsura Grill, I fantasize about their udon noodles and am always DEVASTATED when they don't have them/it's shut down for the season.

17: Favorite Quick Serve/Snack at Animal Kingdom
Again, we really don't eat while we're in Animal Kingdom, so I guess I like that they offer interesting teas in some of the themed parts of the park?

18: Favorite Land at Magic Kingdom
Adventureland has always been my favorite themeing wise, even though it does feel the crowds more than somewhere like Tomorrowland does.

19: Favorite Country in EPCOT
Japan or England, I love how both have a lot of depth to the pavilions.

20: Favorite Continent/Area in Animal Kingdom
I like Dinoland USA because DINOSAURS, but ever since Expedition: Everest got put in, Asia's gotten pretty awesome.

21: Favorite Restaurant in a Resort
'Ohana or Whispering Canyon.

22: The Castle, Tree of Life, Sorcerors Hat, or Globe?
I guess I like the Tree of Life?

23: Best Rollercoaster
Expedition: Everest

24: Scariest Ride
DINOSAUR HOLY SHIT, THIS RIDE STILL TERRIFIES ME. Our first on-ride photos from like, 1998 were of me and my sister literally with our heads between our knees because we were so terrified, and it still makes me scream, it's very embarrassing. B( I still love it though.

25: Happiest Ride
Dumbo, probably, because it's become a tradition to stampede into the park and be the first people on this ride because it's my mom's childhood favorite. Not sure how that's going to work out now with New Fantasyland, but we'll see.

26: Least Favorite Restaurant in the Parks or Resorts
The German restaurant in the German pavilion I don't even remember the name of. :v

27: Best Parade
The Toy Story, Mulan and Stars and Motorcars parades were some of my favorites. There was also one that had Max Goof in it in the mid 90's that I vaguely remember being amazing too.

28: Best Festival
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party, clearly.

29: Favorite Spot to see Characters
When they're just wandering around interacting with guests instead of standing around with a line of people waiting to see them.

30: Favorite Spot in All of the ‘World’
My super lame answer to this is probably the queuing area for Expedition: Everest because it's so well designed and really beautiful to look at. It's a ride I almost don't mind waiting in line for.