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disney meme

1. Favorite hero

2. Favorite heroine

3. Favorite animal hero

4. Favorite animal heroine

5. Favorite side character

6. Favorite animal side character

7. Favorite male villain

8. Favorite female villain

9. Cutest character

10. Funniest character

11. Most overrated character

12. Favorite couple/pairing

13. Favorite friendship

14. Favorite parent/child relationship

15. Favorite hero moment

16. Favorite side character moment

17. Favorite villain moment

18. Favorite song sung by a main character

19. Favorite song sung by a side character

20. Favorite song sung by a villain

21. Favorite song sung by a crowd/mob

22. Character with the best animated expressions

23. Character with the best quotes

24. Character with the best singing voice

25. Character with the best acting voice

26. Favorite 2D animated film

27. Favorite 3D animated film

28. Favorite sequel

29. Most underrated film

30. The Disney character you identify with most
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Mittens, EXCELLENT. These are fun choices.

I have no idea who I'd pick for these things... Got it.
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