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gwen demarco ([personal profile] betterdeadthanred) wrote2013-04-13 01:10 am
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moar movie memes

1 - Your Favourite Film: Treasure Planet/Raiders of the Lost Ark
2 - Your Least Favourite Film: Cats & Dogs
3 - The Last Film You Saw At The Cinema: Trance
4 - The First Film You Saw At The Cinema: The Lion King
5 - The First Film You Bought On DVD: Probably Atlantis: The Lost Empire?
6 - A Film By Your Favourite Director: Jurassic Park
7 - A Film By Your Least Favourite Director: Superman Returns
8 - A Film With Your Favourite Actor: Atonement
9 - A Film With Your Favourite Actress: Alien
10 - The Most Overrated Film You’ve Seen: Avatar
11 - The Most Underrated Film You’ve Seen: Meet the Robinsons
12 - A Film You Wish More People Had Seen: Valkyrie
13 - A Film No One Would Expect You To Like: Pocahontas
14 - Your Favourite Film As a Kid: Peter Pan
15 - Your Favourite Animated Movie: Treasure Planet
16 - Your Favourite Foreign Language Film: Princess Mononoke
17 - Your Favourite Super Hero Film: X-Men: First Class
18 - Your Favourite Biopic: Schindler's List
19 - Your Favourite Trilogy/Quadrilogy/Etc.: Raiders of the Lost Ark/Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom/Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
20 - The Funniest Film You’ve Ever Seen: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
21 - The Most Bizarre Film You’ve Ever Seen: Me and You and Everyone We Know
22 - The Most Depressing Film You’ve Ever Seen: The Last King of Scotland
23 - The Most Powerful Film You’ve Ever Seen: Gone Baby Gone
24 - The Film You Are Most Looking Forward To Seeing: Star Trek Into Darkness
25 - A Movie You Could Quote Word For Word (Or Near Enough): Treasure Planet
26 - A Movie That Was Filmed Where You Live (Or Close To): Hope Springs
27 - A Film So Bad It’s Good: Batman Forever
28 - Your Favourite Movie Protagonist: Charles Xavier, X-Men: First Class
29 - Your Favourite Movie Villain: Hades, Hercules
30 - Your Favourite Movie Cameo: Stan Lee, The Amazing Spider-Man

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